Preloved Giveaway by Raydah


Preloved Giveaway by Raydah

This is my first time joining any giveaway session from my blogger friends. Dah lama jalan-jalan blog orang tapi bila terjumpa segmen, contest or giveaway yang best-best Mira tak dapat join sebab tak ada masa haritu. So i got some free time right now to make entry for this giveaway yay!

Q : What makes me come back to Ray's blog?

A : Actually i just followed her blog yesterday (i guess) after founded her blog while blog walking. My first thought when visited her blog was like 'aww so pretty and neat'. Surely will come back to her blog next time!


So siapa yang belum join the giveaway segment boleh join tau! Ada masa lagi. Klik je banner kat atas tu and it will direct to the blog 😉 Syarat penyertaan pun senang aje nak ikut. 

Psssstt.. Mira harap Mira salah satu pemenang giveaway ni. Hehe.

Good luck for those yang dah join!

Out for now. Peace ✌


  1. good luck saya pon join

  2. goodluck
    moga ada rezki
    btw jemput singgah

  3. singgah dari GA yang sama. good luck ye :)

  4. Dah join juga. Semoga ada rezeki. Aaminn